Ghetto presidential envoy Mark Bugembe alias Buchaman is unhappy with veteran musician Ragga Dee, General Kayanja and Emma Carlos with accusations of embezzling artists COVID-19 relief fund.

A bitter Buchaman opened up about the huge sum of money that amounts to Shs1.8bn after a meeting that was held last week on Friday in Kapeka where the trio and other artists had met to collect another huge chunk of money.

Upon arrival at the meeting place, Buchaman met renowned artists who included Chameleone, Big Eye, Catherine Kusasira, Full Figure, King Michael among others but was shocked to find out that some artists had already received some cash while others had not yet.

Buchaman went on to stress how the cash was meant to be received by creatives in the entertainment industry who included musicians, presenters and promoters but wondered why the money never reached where it was meant to be directed to.

He was more hurt that non of the above-mentioned artists uttered a word about the first bunch of money which they received yet they were expecting to get another huge sum.

He went on to express how he was so disappointed in fellow artists for not minding about their colleagues who have been not performing during the lockdown period that has now lasted over four months.

Watch the full interview below:

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