Eddy Kenzo advises girls to stop underestimating becoming video vixens because it could actually turn out to be the platform for them to become important people in the world.

A video vixen (also referred to as a video girl) is a female model who appears in music videos. Most video vixens are aspiring actors, singers, dancers, or professional models.

In Uganda, there is a circle of just a few video vixens that you will watch in the biggest percentage of music videos made by the big music stars despite the country having millions of beautiful girls.

As a belief from the past, the music industry in Uganda has been looked at as one that “spoils” people and a playground for drug addicts and other forms of people who have failed in life.

The narrative has, however, changed now. The leading political opposition leader in Uganda today Bobi Wine made his name from music. There are several other important people in the country who have helped various people through music.

Elders and parents now look at music as something lucrative that could even help shape the lives of their children. There is still a portion of other people, however, that would never allow their daughters to appear in a music video.

According to Eddy Kenzo, appearing in a music video should never be such a big problem because vixens can always turn out to be important people in the world.

The Big Talent Ent. singer takes an example of the vixens he uses in the music videos he shoots from abroad. He reveals that most are very responsible people who rather only care about being part of the message being passed on in the lyrics of the song.

Kenzo reveals that on the contrary, Ugandan females will even insult you if you asked them to appear in your video because they think it’s a thing for the morally ruined girls.

Some girls think that appearing in a music video is a very bad thing and that it makes you a whore but that’s not true. I would like to tell you my people, the ladies you see in the videos (I shoot from) this side are as responsible as you.

Some are very rich, some are married, some have big jobs, others are proud mothers and others are from big families but they never judge or look down on being a vixen. They care so much about the positive.

Eddy Kenzo

He reveals that appearing in some of those music videos exposes them to the rest of the world and it could be the first step for them to become faces of prominent products and brands.

So my people, I think you should stop misunderstanding this video vixen idea. It is not a bad thing as you have always been told. It is all about delivering a message and also depends on how you gonna appear in the video and what you are going to do etc.

Eddy Kenzo

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