Big Music Entertainment CEO Ibrahim Mayanja a.k.a Big Eye is contemplating to campaign for Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyangulanyi alias Bobi Wine in the forthcoming 2021 general presidential elections.

The thought of backing Bobi Wine crossed Big Eye’s mind after learning about the newly proposed tough and strict rules and regulations that are being set up for the entertainment industry.

He believes that ever since Bobi Wine joined active politics and vowed to stand against President Museveni, a lot of unlawful and unfair regulations have been drafted by a section of individuals to disorganize, separate and put the music industry down.

He went on to explain how some media houses and entertainment programs have been paid to paint a bad image of the musicians, adding that they could be the reason as to why the nation is still in lockdown.

The Sula Indicator singer also stressed how the proposed regulations to do not guarantee safety at all for them because even those in the ruling party won’t be spared.

No musician is safe ever since Hon Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine stood against Mr. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. Even us who support the NRM are not safe.

A lot of unlawful things and unfair things are going to be done to disorganize this music industry, separate it, and put it down. Fellow musicians open your eyes widely.

We have even started seeing some media houses/Entertainment programs being paid to expose musicians with an aim of spoiling musicians image.

If am not mistaken we might even be the reason why this country is still in lockdown so that we don’t do any shows to earn. Maybe we better stand with Hon Robert Kyagulanyi who will understand our pain.

Big Eye

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Solomon Mwesigwa

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