Bryan White.

For the years Bryan White has roamed and littered Kampala streets with dollars and shillings, the source of his income has been a secret. Bad Black, however, is not ready to keep it that way as she spills the secrets.

Now lying on his sick bed in his living room, surrounded with oxygen cylinders, Brian Kirumira a.k.a Bryan White looks very helpless and has made it known that he wants to meet President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

In a statement released on his Facebook account, Bryan White wants to meet the president to discuss personal matters with him on top of granting him a pass to be flown to Nairobi for further treatment.

One of Bryan’s closest allies, Bad Black visited him on Tuesday and according to the situation she found him in, she started a fundraiser to collect money to foot the ailing philanthropist’s bills.

Bryan’s statement, however, irked the socialite who held a live broadcast in which she spilled his secrets including his source of wealth and why he wants to visit the fountain of honor.

Bad Black alleges that Bryan White is an arms dealer who provides guns to rebels. She claims that the moneybag confessed his dealings to her and even showed her how it’s done.

She also says that Bryan is not even sick as he claims and only wants to meet the president because he feels unsafe after his security detail was withdrawn following the recent rape allegations.

You dealt with rebels, president Museveni cannot come to see you. Just wake up and start hustling again. Don’t use your public figure as a weapon, president Museveni is not going to meet you because you met rebels and I witnessed with my own eyes as you showed me guns saying that it was the president’s project.

If you wanted to use me to meet Museveni, you would have told me. The fundraised money wont come now, let’s see where this ends.

Bad Black

Bad Black also urged People Power leader Bobi Wine not to meet Bryan White because he is “playing silly games and using people to meet his own goals”.

She also notes that she already reported the moneybag’s dealings to the Central Military Intelligence (CMI) and she is not scared at all of what will happen to her.

Bad Black advises Bryan White to just accept the situation that he is broke, recollect himself and move on with life because it is normal for people to lose their wealth.

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  1. If some one is sick please learn to appreciate.the man has helped many people.please ladies stop ashaming the man.and devilling his secrets. Brian white be calm u will be OK.
    That’s how people behaves,tomorrow u will see them coming to u for help. Basiima ogenze.or ofunye obuzibu.

  2. Love mixed with money will never work out.that’s why most men and women are singles.
    But human being was created to stay alone.God created man and woman,male and female He hard a reason why. So if you want to test true love put money a side.

  3. Some times i feel like not having a friend, maybe i should start befriending animals, birds or trees

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