Saved by the grace, Bruno Kiggundu a.k.a Bruno K is full of praise for the decision he took to give his life to Christ which in turn gave him peace.

Bruno K is a renown Ugandan Reggae and R&B Singer, Songwriter and Instrumentalist. His music touches the Soul for his smooth vocals and lyrics with deep message.

Over the years, he has had a fair share of stress which he reveals was mostly caused by bad relationships and financial struggles. He notes that a couple of years ago, he was really tiny and he attributes it to the stress.

Now a mentally, physically and religiously changed man, Bruno K reveals that his life is at peace and that only happened after he turned to Christ and got saved two years ago.

Before I gave my life to Christ there are 2 things that would stress me to the point of loosing too much weight. Being broke and being in love with a stressful partner. But from the time I gave my life to Christ that was 2 years back I learnt how to control stress and panic.

Bruno K | Instagram

Bruno emphasizes that he is a happy man because he knows Jesus cares about him and he trusts God that everything will be fine no matter the situations he faces in life.

“I have peace and am happy whether am fine or not, I cannot feel stress coz Jesus always has my back. Just trust God everything will be fine. There is no situation he can not get u out of. Trust him you won’t regret. God bless you,” Bruno K adds.

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