According to Bad Black, Bryan White is very fine and not seriously ailing as he portrays in the photos and videos released by the people who visit him at his home.

For weeks, since his former workers came up with rape allegations, city philanthropist Brian Kirumira a.k.a Bryan White has been ailing, battling what is referred to as “stomach complications”.

Bad Black visited Bryan White on Tuesday 21st July 2020 and she doesn’t believe the moneybag is really sick like he portrays in the videos and photos taken by those who visit him.

“The truth is he is suffering from Cambodia, depression and stress. I was initially emotionally attached but he is playing a rich man’s game. He told me to do what’s possible to do a fundraiser for him but he changed his statements after,” said Bad Black during an interview on Sanyuka TV.

Bad Black has a chat with the “ailing” Bryan White

“I found Nitrogen gas cylinders surrounding him and even before turning on my camera to go live he was okay. As soon as he saw me going live, he started acting as if he was pregnant, twisting in the bed. He acted possessed. He showed me mature,” she added.

The sick man was smelling nice, lying in very clean white bed sheets. The drip bottles were full, his body hasn’t changed a bit. I believe he is just acting up because he is broke now and he fears losing his celebrity status but he has to accept.

Bad Black

She believes that he is also scared of the summoning that was issued by the parliament of Uganda following the rape allegations that were brought up by his former secretaries Stella Nandawula and Vivian Mutanda.

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