One of the most respected and celebrated audio producers David Washington Ebangit believes that there’s more to what makes one a good audio producer than just a couple of hit songs.

For many years, the name Washington has been a common thing in the East African entertainment industry. David Washington Ebangit is one of the most respected audio producers who has produced several hit songs in the region.

While speaking to Sanyuka TV, the producer gave his opinion on what he thinks of the current wave of producers running the industry and what qualities they should have to be like the legendary producers.

Washington trashes the popular opinion that producing hit songs is what makes a good producer. In his own words; packaging, respect and the extent of influence of the work one produces is what makes him a good producer.

He reveals that since the age of fifteen, he has been creating top bangers that have enabled artistes, promoters, telecom companies and several other people in the music industry to make a living.

Ho goes on to give props to Steve Jean, Tony Houls, Paddy Man, Henry Kiwuwa, Kiwa and Dr. Tee as the producers who deserve respect because of the works they have created over the years.

Those are the people, the relevant people who have created data and content in the industry. That (their work) is what we are feeding on today. What is coming now is just an icing on the cake but inside, there’s something that was made.

Producer Washington

The super producer advises the young producers who want to turn out into top producers in future to; Fear God, respect clients and to respect the job. He also advises them to always think about themselves in order not to be used.

Washington also mentions the lack of functioning copyright laws as the main issue affecting the development of the entertainment industry.

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