Urban TV’s Scoop On Scoop gossip presenter Tina Fierce had no kind words for a tweep who was trying to troll her when she unapologetically told her how dumb and naive she is.

A Twitter user brunning the account Real Girl stated how Tina can’t join NBS TV’s UnCut gossip show as Annatalia Oze’s replacement citing that the presenters on that channel are way too professional than she is.

In Tina’s response, she blasted the critic for being paid peanuts and went on to brand her as “young, dumb, and naive”.

I’ve had it with this paid wololo. I’ve spared her my wrath because I know she is paid, young dumb and naive…. but she still wont count her blessings.

Tina Fierce

The critic made the tweet attacking Tina after rumors went wild claiming how the Scoop On Scoop presenter is on her way to join NBS TV’s Uncut gossip team.

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