The latest update coming in concerning the four members of the popular comedy group Bizonto and Radio Simba presenters who were arrested last week on Friday reveals how they are still in the coolers at Kireka.

Radio Simba, through social media, reveals how the comedians who were set to appear before Court today did not make the appearance as they wait for the government prosecutor to produce their case file.

Four workers of Radio Simba and Bizonto Comedy who were arrested on Firiday morning last week are still being detained in Kireka and they have not yet been produced in court. It is reported that they could be waiting for their case file from the government prosecutor to know where they’ll be taken next.

Radio Simba | Twitter

It is reported that over the weekend, CID officers conducted a search on the vehicle used by the comedy group for transportation and they took everything that aids their investigation. The investigations were carried out at Kiira road police station.

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