Kawempe North Lord Councilor Muhammad Segirinya has responded to singer Catherine Kusasira’s threats that she will sue uneducated people like him and Bajjo who want to contest in the coming 2021 general elections.

Segirinya’s response was cheeky when he publicly revealed how Kusasira can’t even qualify to be a cleaner in his office of the Chairman of Public Health, Kampala district.

He made the statements stressing how he was tipped that singer has for some time now been on a job hunt since she was fired from her previous workplace and was planning to recruit her in his office as a cleaner.

Segirinya went on to explain that if Kusasira is to qualify for the role of a cleaner in his office, she will first have to work as an intern for three good days with no pay so that she learns how to thoroughly mop since bending might be a big challenge to her.

It is a pity that singer Catherine Kusasira has a problem. I was recently informed that she was working hard to find a new job since she was fired.

However, I had loved so much to give her a job in my office Chairman Public Health, Kampala district but I had 3 slots which included office messenger, secretary, and a cleaner’s slot. Though when I keenly examined her, I saw that she could manage the first two slots.

In fact, I don’t even think if she can handle the cleaning job because it calls a lot of bending which I don’t think she can bend because I’ve ever worked as a cleaner.

For her to land that role, I will have to first put her on an intern for 3 goods days so that she can learn how to mop cause I don’t she can clean very well and everyone appreciates.

Muhammad Segirinya

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