While appearing on NBS TV’s UnCut Sabula, Kadongo Kamu singer Gerald Kiweewa expressed his dissatisfaction with the way the Uganda Police personnel arrested him a week ago saying it was very disrespectful.

The veteran singer decried the manner in which security forces whisked him away from his home until he was taken to the CID headquarters in Kibuli for interrogations.

He stressed that no artist or any other Ugandan needs to be arrested in a similar manner in which he was whisked away something he wishes never happens to him again.

When asked whether he knows the charges that were pinned against him, the “Egaali Ekozeko” singer noted that up-to-date, he doesn’t know or even understand the reason as to why he was arrested.

He, however, explained that while at the police station, a police officer known as Nakku told him how he was arrested for inciting violence through his song titled ‘Nantaba’.

The way police arrested me was not the way that an artist or any other Ugandan needs to be arrested. Though I seem to be a drunkard but I have millions and millions of local fans who follow me.

The manner in which the security forces dragged me to police was very disrespectful and uncalled for. Up-to-date I still don’t underunderstand the charges that were pinned against me.

Gerald Kiweewa

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