I know I dance like a blind goat – Pia Pounds

For the various times Pia Pounds has been trolled, she is at least wary that the past four months of lockdown have left her one talent less as she admits that she “dances like a blind goat”.

Overtime, a lot of criticism has gone Pia Pounds’ way with several people trolling her for various reasons. For the lovable personality she is though, she never really takes it the wrong way. She always laughs it off.

The songstress, whose collaboration – a remix of her song “Taala” with Feffe Bussi – is climbing on the music chats, revealed that she is aware of her poor dance moves which she likens to a “blind goat”.

In a post shared on her Facebook page, Pia reveals that the lockdown has taken so much away from her including the little dance moves that she had mastered before COVID-19 hit the world.

Btw lockdown took all my dance moves. Kati nzina nga embuzi enzibe (now I dance like a blind goat).

Pia Pounds

Btw lockdown took all my dance moves Kati nzina nga embuzi enzibe 🤦🏽‍♀️ Anyways Bukedde was great. Thank you Dj Shiru and Vj Junior

Posted by Pia Pounds on Saturday, August 1, 2020

Not many of us can dispute her statements, innit? She got the looks kasta.

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