Gospel artist and Co-ordinator Artists Trade Union Wisdom Kaye has roasted the Uganda Musician Association (UMA) president Wycliff Tugume alias Ykee Benda branding him as a dull president.

The bubbly and talkative Wisdom described Ykee Benda as dull following the numerous and continued attacks towards him by fellow artists while speaking in an interview on Now TV.

The stinging remarks towards Ykee Benda from Wisdom were uttered as he responded to the question as to why Eddy Kenzo and Gravity attacked Ykee Benda yet he is their head.

Wisdom Kaye

Wisdom replied assuring his viewers and hosts how Ykee Benda’s only challenge is dullness yet the entertainment industry needs vibrant personnel with sharp brains.

He went on to stress that Ykee Benda was not also aware of the new rules and regulations that were being drafted to be imposed on the creative industry until he woke him up.

Wisdom concluded by assuring the public of how he has trust in Ykee Benda adding that he advised him to pull up his socks and style up.

Ykee Benda’s only big challenge is that he is very dull. That is his major problem.

The entertainment industry is for vibrant people with sharp brains. His quietness doesn’t mean that he is humble.

That is not being humble. Being humble you don’t have to act or look at issues just like a doll. However, the good thing I advised him to style up.

Wisdom Kaye

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