Catherine Kusasira fails to spell as Bajjo puts her on the spot

For a presidential advisor, it is quite absurd that Catherine Kusasira cannot spell the two words that define the position which she was accorded by the president of Uganda. She failed after being put on the spot by Bajjo.

Last week, Catherine Kusasira revealed how people in Nakawa should never let themselves stoop so low to the point of voting uneducated people like Andrew Mukasa a.k.a Bajjo into office.

Bajjo, an events promoter, wants to contest for mayorship in Nakawa division. He has already started his journey into campaigns to become the next mayor of Nakawa.


Kusasira believes that Bajjo’s “arrogance, ignorance and hypocrisy” doesn’t deserve a chance in the office. Bajjo on the other hand stresses that Kusasira can’t be the one to downplay his aspirations.

During a show on Baba Television, Bajjo revealed that Kusasira is the illiterate person and cannot even spell the words “presidential advisor”. He put the singer up to the task and she failed on all attempts.

Watch the video below:

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