When Spice Diana hired bouncers as her bodyguards, many took her for a showoff but deep in her mind she was on a strategy to improve her brand look different from the rest of the local celebrities.

Little did we know that other celebrities would also hop onto the trend. Reliable information coming through indicates that Comedy Store UG boss Alex Muhangi has also hired security personnel.

While appearing on NBS TV After 5 show, Muhangi confirmed the rumors when he disclosed that he hired security after a lady served him a hot slap while chilling with his lover at Kisementi sometime back.

He went on to explain that if he had security personnel back then, such an embarrassing moment wouldn’t have happened to him in front of his lover.

He furthermore reasoned that having security personnel is far much better than having bouncers because security personnel acts more of a personal assistant which is not the case with bouncers.

Spice Diana has bouncers. I have security personnel. They are totally different.

For those of Spice Diana, their just heavy weight lifters whereas mine does Taekwondo, he knows computers so that is the difference. If you have security personnel he can alert you about incoming trouble with is not the case with bouncers.

The reason why I hired security personnel is that one day I was out and a certain lady out of blue came and slapped me at Kisement.

In fact, on that day I was with my girl. First, I thought it was a joke but the slap was really serious and the lady when on to accuse me of always making her husband return home very late.

Alex Muhangi

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