Former Dancehall Entertainment Crew boss Michael Mugwanya alias King Michael has disclosed that State House threatened to take back Bebe Cool’s Land Cruiser V8 that was gifted to him by the President.

King Michael, who recently just showed off his new premises under construction, revealed the details while in an interview with Omulagira Dias.

Michael went on to open up on how Bebe was bounced and warned never to go back to State House without clear reasons and appointments from the Head of State.

The “Lido Lido” singer also stressed how Bebe Cool is the reason as to why NRM artists are continuously fighting each other because of his selfish interests.

Bebe Cool is the reason why NRM artists are constantly fighting in each other. In fact, even the recent visit to the State House, he was bounced.

When he tried to insist, he was threatened to be stripped of the monster ride that was given to him. After the threats, he left immediately simply because he has no logbook to the vehicle.

King Michael

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