It is safe to say that we are blessed to have former Blu*3 singer Jackie Chandiru toasting to her second chance at life.

The self-styled Queen of the Nile narrated her ordeal of how people close to her dug her grave before she had breathed her last.

While speaking in an interview with Jalang’o, Chandiru disclosed that the Internet killed her four times, adding that she also tried to commit suicide four times because she thought it would be much better if she died.

She went on to note that most of the time when she was announced dead on the Internet, she was actually in the hospital.

The Internet killed me four times. I also tried to commit suicide four times. Most of the time that I was killed on the Internet, I was actually in the rehab/hospital.

Jackie Chandiru

She explained that all the evil deeds started when she overdose and got addicted to Pethidine, a drug that she used to take to cure back pain.

The “Gold Digger” singer stressed that she thought of committing suicide on all those occasions reasoning that she was extremely tired and fed up with negative stories that were being published about her.

I was just tired,. I was tired of life. I didn’t want to know anything about life anymore. I was just there.

I didn’t want to exist anymore because I believed I was better off dead but even before all these attempts I kept praying to God, I would say, I know suicide is not allowed but I just couldn’t be here anymore. I was sinking more and more into depression.


She also highlighted her first suicide attempt by revealing that she took a cocktail of everything that could kill her but woke up with the worst headache of her life.

The second time, she woke and stormed the bathroom with aim of wanting to pull out everything that was in her stomach after taking another cocktail of different drugs.

On the third time, Chandiru disclosed that she first had a quarrel with God asking him to let her succeed with her suicide attempt because she couldn’t continue suffering and also took another cocktail of liquid drugs to end her life but she never succeeded.

She also noted that by the time she committed all those attempts, she felt as that God wasn’t loving her anymore because of the pain she was going through.

Jackie Chandiru’s story forced her interviewer Jalang’o to have a short prayer session midway the interview thanking God for the gift of life whereas his team looked on with teary eyes.

She made it clear that she was not the cause for the breakup of Blue*3 music group she belonged to back then as rumors were spread.

As of now, Jackie Chandiru stays in Kenyan after she successfully recovered from her Pethidine addiction that almost ruined her life.

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