Chameleone: I don’t care whether Bobi talks about me or not, at least we have the same goal

In an audio that leaked a few days ago, Eddy Kenzo was heard noting how Bobi Wine has sidelined fellow artistes including Jose Chameleone. The Leone Island singer downplays Kenzo’s allegations.

Following a series of mixed reactions from the public concerning the audio that leaked in which Eddy Kenzo blamed Bobi Wine for ignoring his messages and calls, Chameleone has also spoken out on the matter.

While speaking to Spark TV, the 2021 Lord Mayor aspirant revealed that Kenzo has the right to say whatever he wants as any other Ugandan. Chameleone, however, says that he does not care whether Bobi talks about him or not.

I had the chance to listen to the audio and I believe Eddy Kenzo poured his heart out. We all have a right to use our voices and he used his. Personally, I am not hurt that Bobi Wine has never posted me or talked about me because we’re chasing the same goal.

Jose Chameleone

Eddy Kenzo showed you his concern as a person and though I heard my name (in the audio) I am comfortable as a person because we’re all fighting for change regardless of whether Bobi Wine talks about me or not. Our aim is to redeem our country.

Jose Chameleone

Chameleone also revealed that Bobi has been his comrade for over twenty years and they both understand and accord respect to each other so well.

He revealed that it’s not hard for him to access Bobi and they often talk and discuss about politics over the phone. He, however, understands that Bobi cannot answer each and every phone call because he is a busy man.

I am not hurt that Bobi has never posted me or talked about me – Chameleone

"Personally, I am not hurt that Bobi Wine has never posted me or talked about me because we're chasing the same goal…" – Jose Chameleone opens up on Eddy Kenzo's leaked audio(Credits: Spark TV)

Posted by Mbu on Monday, August 10, 2020

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