Big Talent Entertainment CEO Edrisah Musuuza alias Eddy Kenzo has assured all his critics and nay-sayers that he can never fail musically because of politics.

While speaking in an interview with Omulagira Dias, Eddy Kenzo openly told whoever is predicting and rooting for his failure in music duo to his involvement in politics not to waste their time.

The Sitya Loss hit-maker went on to explain that someone’s failure in music is not based on his/her political affiliation but by the swift change in generations.

He gave his opinion while responding to a question that pointed at Ragga Dee’s decline in music being caused by his political ambitions.

I don’t think that I can fail musically because of politics. Those who are saying that Ragga Dee failed music-wise because of politics that is wrong.

The only way I believe that someone can fail in music is when generations change because before us, there was also a different music generation that was rocking.

So, when our shine goes out, others will take over as well.

Eddy Kenzo

When asked about what he wants to see in the near future, the father of two noted how he wants to see a peaceful Uganda that is not divided by politics.

He also made a reference of Bobi Wine’s song “Obululu Twebutwawula” but questioned why he is dividing the nation in his reign in politics.

One time Bobi Wine sang about how voting shouldn’t separate people and now that since it is his time, It is at the moment separating people which is not good.

What I want to see and leave in a peaceful Uganda, is my dream currently because I appreciate what we have now though there some negatives, and the nation can’t love one thing at the same time.

Eddy Kenzo

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