On 6th May 2020 when Coronavirus was still a very serious threat with many people still under lockdown, Irene Ntale gave out some money to her fans on social media.

The talented Universal Music Group singer forked out Shs 50k to a number of fans to help them persevere through the trying days as lockdown had several stuck home and not earning.

The “Sukaali” singer now regrets giving out the money and has vowed that she will never repeat the act of kindness again.

The Universal Music Group songstress reveals that she was overwhelmed by the number of people who bombarded her social media inboxes asking for money after her announcement.

Yes, I gave out some money during the Coronavirus lockdown and that is something I will never ever repeat again.

I’II never! Oh My Goodness. I had that ka spare money and I was like let me share. So I decided to like give out to the first 10 people. By the way, I didn’t give out much money but I recall as if I gave out like Shs 400k but in small small doses.

I felt good but it really overwhelmed me because people kept on asking for more money and I was like what the hell have I gotten my self into and then I am not also that rich.

Irene Ntale.

She, however, noted that although the COVID-19 lockdown came with lots of negatives, she learnt to filter friends who are beneficial and of importance to her from those who aren’t.

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