Local music promoter Sipapa, real name Olim Charles, believes that he fell out with Jose Chameleone because he got so close to his wife and the singer’s friends made up stories.

In 2015, Jose Chameleone released photos showing Sipapa being arrested by policemen after being thoroughly beaten. Other photos showed him laying on a hospital bed with handcuffs on his hands and blood oozing from his body.

The two former friends and associates had bitterly split to a point of Chameleone alleging that Sipapa had ruined his marriage and even threatened to end his life.

A bruised Sipapa with handcuffs attached to on a hospital bed

On Friday morning during an interview with Faridah Nakazibwe on NTV Uganda’s Mwasuze Mutya show, Sipapa revealed that Chameleone was mad because his wife Daniella Atim Mayanja would tell him things that she wouldn’t tell her husband.

“They had disagreements with his wife and she used to like me so much. His wife didn’t like that he boozed too much so each time she got to know he was with me, she knew he was in the right hands,” Sipapa revealed.

It got to a point when his wife would to tell me things that she wouldn’t discuss with Chameleone himself.


When she left Chameleone, she was living with her friend and she called me inquiring on whether to rent a house but I advised her not to and told Chameleone to act fast before things got worse. Chameleone was hurt that his wife would talk to me about such but not to him.


Sipapa further revealed that what sparked off bad blood between him and Sipapa was a friend of Chameleone’s called Diziza who spread rumors that Sipapa was influencing the wife’s actions.

Chameleone then accessed photos of Sipapa with laying on a hospital bed with handcuffs on his hands and created a story on social media saying that he had been caught stealing.

Sipapa goes ahead to explain the source and reason behind the controversial photos. Listen to more of the interview below:

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