After over a month of unexpected silence, Bebe Cool is back on the scene and in the first live video which he recorded on Monday evening, he asked NRM supporters not to invest their focus in Bobi Wine because they’re helping him to keep trending.

Bobi Wine and Bebe Cool have been rivals for different reasons for several years. They both hold big roles in their respective political parties with Bobi as the NUP leader and Bebe as a top figure in NRM’s Silent Majority forum.

During a video shared on his Facebook page, Bebe revealed that his fellow NRM supporters have given way too much attention to Bobi and they make him the main topic in everything they post hence keeping him trending.

The Gagamel boss also notes how lawyer Male Mabirizi is doing the most to make sure Bobi Wine keeps trending and he wonders how NRM bloggers have not yet realized that.

“Mabirizi is trying whatever it takes so that Bobi Wine can keep on trending, this is something NRM bloggers have not yet realized. Stop giving attention on everything about Bobi Wine you are helping him to trend. Talk about the good roads and hospitals don’t put your focus on Bobi Wine all the time, the more you post him, it’s the more it works for him,” says Bebe.

Bebe Cool also adds that Mabirizi’s move to ask for Bobi’s academic documents is a trick so that people can sympathize with the NUP leader.

“These people know what they are doing, actually that’s why he is quite about this. I can’t accept Mabirizi’s fake allegations. Am only waiting for the real papers Bobi Wine will bring at the last moment when he is going on the Ballot paper. They are doing this trick so that people can sympathize with Bobi Wine that the government is trying to block him to appear on the Ballot paper. If you want to get Bobi Wine’s documents, why do you go to the Electoral Commission and not UNEB? This is a trick.” – Bebe Cool

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