According to Chozen Blood, Firebase singer Zex Bilangilangi deserves all the credit for starting the ebiluma abayaye slogan. This comes at a time when several artistes have decided to use it in their songs.

The phrase “ebiluma abayaye” is one of the most trending on the local entertainment scene. “Who started the slang?” is a question that most people are asking.

Mayega Tadeo a.k.a Zex Inchkumi Bilangilangi is one artiste that seems to have started the slang and has always promoted it through social media as he always tags it along his posts.

He has also always filmed short skits of his lifestyle and in the videos, he always uses the slang. It is safe to say he made it popular but does he really own it?

While appearing on BTM Tv, Chozen asked for the artistes who have continually made songs from the slang to give all the credit to Zex for his creativity.

Zex should be credited because he started the slogan in Uganda. All those artistes who made songs out of the slogan should actually respect Zex. Gratitude is a must and they should understand that.

Chozen Blood

Chozen also called upon fellow artistes to stop fighting over the slang and concentrate on making more hit songs.

“All I can tell them is to get through with the fights. Do more music and develop the music industry,” Chozen advised.

Crysto Panda and Buka Chimey have both come under scrutiny for beefing over the slang. The latter revealed that he respects Zex for coming up with the slang while the former declines saying he didn’t steal the slang from anyone.

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