Former secular singer-cum-gospel artist Grace Nakimera is of the view that the youth should spend their money wisely while they are still vibrant and strong.

The “Kabaka Kristo” singer gave the advice while sharing her story of how she used to spend her money during her shine.

Speaking in an interview, Grace Nakimera disclosed how she didn’t always waste her money popping expensive alcoholic drinks in bars like other people do but rather invested her money wisely.

The wise investments that she made have helped her in the smooth running of her foundation that she is proud of and as of today, she looks after a number of children in her foundation.

She went on to explain how she currently has two homes, one having a total of about 35 children and the other having about 10 who are all under her foundation.

As other people were busy in bars popping costly alcoholic drinks like Moet bottles, and the next day you find them nursing hangover, me I used not to do that.

I could always save my money and use it to buy plots of land where I constructed two houses where I look after some people in my foundation.

The first home takes care of about 35 kids and the next home which is located in Bukerere will take about 10 kids or more.

Grace Nakimera

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