Cindy Sanyu could be the most respected dancehall female artist, a King Herself with a curvy body that she loves to flaunt but her skin needed a miracle to clear up.

Several ladies would do anything to have their faces as smooth and clear as possible. Perfection is too much to ask for but any lady would want to come as close to it as possible.

Cindy Sanyu is not any different. Her skin has been having black spots and a rash which she has always struggled to clear up using different beauty products but in vain.

It was until two weeks ago that she decided to visit Mama Lususu, a beautician in Kampala, to have a facial. The songstress is proud of her decision because the results on her skin are unbelievable.

2 weeks ago I gathered the courage and went to Mama lususu for a facial and wow, I cant believe the results. My skin is clearing everyday since then… Miracles still happen.

Cindy Sanyu

The “Still Standing” singer shared a photo of her face showing the results of the facial and she explained how she now believes on miracles because she didn’t ever believe the skin would clear up well like it currently is.

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