Shanitah Namuyimbwa alias Bad Black has finally provided an answer as to why she bleached to alternate her skin tone and had a nose job (Rhinoplasty). She says it was all just for “showbiz and modernizing” herself.

The controversial city socialite explained that she bleached not because she wasn’t appreciating how God created her but for the sake of freedom and to feel at peace.

She also revealed that she does not regret her decision to bleach because it was her own business, her body and she did what she felt like.

Changing my body color was just for showbiz and I’m not complaining about it or to God that he created me in a way I didn’t appreciate. To bleach is peace, modernizing, freedom, and other everything related to that.

So I don’t complain to have gone for a nose surgery because I got the million dollars when I was still looking beautiful while dark. So it was just a lifestyle and it is my business.

Bad Black

When asked about forgiving her enemies, Bad Black openly revealed how she is able and has forgiven most of them but hinted on how she has not yet forgiven her nemesis and blogger Ritah Kaggwa.

Bad Black stressed that if Ritah Kaggwa doesn’t stop cyber-bullying fellow women on social media, she will fight her to the end and at the moment she hasn’t found the conviction to forgive her.

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