Said to be in her mid-forties, renown Ugandan musician and philanthropist Angella Katatumba wants to sing through her fifties, sixties, seventies, until she is eighty years old.

The brand Angella Katatumba is characterized by awesome vocals, some exciting songs, a highly controversial lifestyle and wealth. She is madly talented, beautiful but sort of unlucky.

Katatumba has been through it all; from the grace to grass and back to grace again (musically) and you can easily say that 2020 has been a good year for her since she has one of the most trending songs in the country; “Tonelabira” (feat. Daddy Andre).

She has done well to revamp her career that seemed to have died out a few years ago. What is really more interesting about her comeback is that she intends to stay musically relevant till she is 80-years-old.

She revealed that she wants to go all the way and she has what it takes to make it over the years, to emulate some globally celebrated music icons like Tina Turner and Jennifer Lopez.

“I want to do music until I’m 80 years. I want to go at it like the Tina Turners of this world. Jennifer Lopez’s, who are showing no sign of giving up.”

Angella Katatumba

The question of if Katatumba still has the gas to propel her through her journey or not is one time will tell. For now, she has all the rights to believe in herself for the nature of comeback she has ably achieved this year.

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