In August, rising singer Wevu Walker was given a major boost in form of a collaboration by Team No Sleep singer Roden Y Kabako. The rookie is forever grateful for the support offered by the TNS singer.

Massive energy and exciting dance moves during performances coupled with hilarious lyrics in his songs and a funny personality could be the best description befitting Kabako, real name Yusuf Ssenabulya.

According to rising musician Wevu Walker, however, “generosity” must be added to Kabako’s description because of how much work the TNS singer has done to promote the project they did together.


During an interview on Delta TV, Wevu Walker applauded the financial and moral support which Kabako has blessed his career with in promotion of their collabo titled Bitangaza.

Wevu Walker explained how he was surprised by the amount of hard work and funds which Kabako invested during recording the song and at the video shoot.

The rising singer also noted that Kabako has continuously given him free advice on how to persevere and thrive in the highly competitive local music industry.

Wevu Walker in studio

It is a common scenario in Uganda where a more established artiste jumps on a collaboration or any sort of project with a lesser known artiste and they expect the rising singer to promote the project entirely.

Wevu Walker must have been through a similar situation before and it is understandable why he feels like Kabako gave him a plate, food and a spoon to feed his career.

Cool stuff Kabako! That’s exactly what the industry needs.

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