Diamond Platnumz’s ex-lover Tanasha Donna showed her generosity as she donated foodstuffs to the families of needy people in Kibera, Kenya to ensure that they don’t sleep on empty stomachs.

The mother of one made her donations through her charity project Tanasha Community Service as they visited into slums to feed the less privileged.

Tanasha Donna and her crew arrived in Kibera, which is believed to East Africa’s biggest slum with a population of over one million, with two SUVs filled with foodstuffs which she distributed them to the crowds.

The “Gere” singer went on to reveal that she got emotional while donating the foodstuffs to the needy and promised to return soon to make more donations to the people of Kibera.

She also called upon other people who are more fortunate to do the needful and help the people living in slums.

The people of Kibera touched my heart today… I promise I will be back. Let us raise more awareness of helping the kids and families of Kibera who struggle just to have a meal a day.

I got so emotional that we couldn’t help all of them. I promised them I’d be back, if you are fortunate enough to help them, kindly do so… Allah watches.

Kibera is the biggest slum in East Africa with over 1 million people living in poverty… Let us help the needy however little or big we can.

Tanasha Donna

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