Ugandan musician Alexander Bagonza a.k.a A Pass has taken a swipe at the new Uganda Communication Commission (UCC) regulations that require providers to obtain authorization.

A Pass lashed out at the information from a tweet released on the regulatory body’s account, just like several Ugandans have expressed their thoughts, terming the new rules as censorship.

According to the “Addicted” hit maker, individuals in-charge of policy development have lost their minds, a reason he refused to ignore the body’s statements on the matter.

“Sometimes it’s hard to ignore statements like this one, because you start to wonder which kind of people come up with such ideas,” A Pass tweeted.

UCC says, “If your Social Media page is used to transmitting sound, video or data intended for simultaneous reception by the public (Broadcasting) and by data..” ie “electronic representation of information in any form including audiovisual, you need authorisation as a data communicator.”

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