The highly professional manner in which boudoir photographer Bash Fahad Mutumba executes his duties always leaves several of his clients and followers with lots of questions lingering in their minds.

It’s not just the viewers of his boudoir content that are left in suspense but also the models in front of his lens. Most are always left wondering and questioning whether the dude “functions” like other men.

The nature of his content which has so far featured a couple of sexy women from Tracey Tash, Unapologetic Eve, Katie Kawira, Ainebintu and the latest with Doreen Kabareebe, there are questions about what happens behind the scenes.

The answer to everyone’s question was revealed by city model Doreen Kabareebe during an interview when she was asked about the experience and temptations that the photographer goes through during boudoir shoots.

In Kabareebe’s response, she revealed that she doesn’t know how Bash keeps calm, cool and collected. She also wonders whether he doesn’t get turned on because he is exposed to too much sauce during the photoshoots.

The guy is such a super professional. I even wonder whether he doesn’t get turned on because you can never get to see a bulge in his pants.

Doreen Kabareebe

The city model who is set to represent Uganda at the Ms World International 2020 beauty pageant made the revelation after sharing her nude photos while covering her groin area with a piece of pizza.

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