For the 17 years that Cindy Sanyu has been a singer, she has never really appreciated the importance of having management. She opened up on why she doesn’t have a manager despite being a reputable brand.

Starting out as one of the Blu*3 all-girls music group members, Cinderella “Cindy” Sanyu Muyonjo must have been through several situations that have taught her self-dependence.

For the big brand that she turned into, you could imagine how much work she has to come up with to be able to handle her music career and also execute her a motherly duties without much help.

It’s a lot of work, she admits, and acknowledges that there are several opportunities that she has missed in life because of her decision to manage her brand on her own.

During an interview, Cindy revealed that she decided against having a management because being under someone else’s management means selling your own personal values.

There are so many opportunities I have lost in life because I decided to do what is right. Am the only artiste in Uganda who decided to not have management because I knew that management most times involves you selling yourself. I mean selling your personal values as a woman.

So, I decided that am not going to have a manager and instead, whenever I needed one, I would call my sister. So many things (I) lost because of that.

Cindy Sanyu

The 35-year-old has always despised the potential of fellow female artistes that are signed to different music labels and those being spoon fed by their managements.

Cindy’s self-made character is one that several rising singers find inspiring and those like Karole Kasita find a role model in her.

Today, Cindy is a formidable brand standing on her own, something she has done for several years in such a dynamic music industry. She was sworn-in as the Uganda Musicians Association Vice President, a post that continues to show how much confidence and respect fellow musicians accord her.

Many local artistes fear to handle their own business without management with the thought that their work will be eased if handled by someone else. Maybe, maybe not. You can try what Cindy has done.

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