It’s not like we knew who she was dating but at least there have been rumors of Winnie Nwagi’s supposed fling with Chozen Blood. The songstress is now single, officially!

To hear her sing, many men would do anything. To watch her perform is almost every man’s cause of excitement. Winnie Nwagi is sexy and she knows that lots of men fancy her.

She is a successful woman who has made a name for herself in the music industry with a couple of hit songs to her name. Her lifestyle is also full of fitness and fun according to her Snapchat and Instagram pages.

All the above but a man! Through social media, the 30-year-old “Everything” singer revealed that she is single and that’s the cause for her glow.

In a caption on her Instagram, Nwagi reveals that, “I usually glow different when am single. I focus on me.”

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