Children Health Empowerment and Care (CHIC) CEO Melissa Mulungi feels it is now time for her to let loose and open her heart for dating and relationships.

The Empire of Lover singer is ready to listen to whoever will shoot his shot but she emphasizes that she is only looking forward to settling down with one genuine lover.

Melissa Mulungi, who is based in German, is not ready to entertain jokers as she does not want to waste her precious time in fake relationships reasoning that she is “building her Empire”.

I think I’m ready to date now BUT not just anyone I still don’t want my time wasted cause I’m building my empire.

Melissa Mulungi

Melissa Mulungi went on to reveal how several men complain about why she always turns down their requests to take her for outings. She says that their approach is always not convincing enough.

Guys love to tell me “Mel you never give me time to take you out“ well if you would’ve approached me correctly I would’ve considered sir. Don’t expect me to go out with just anyone that asks me out ain’t nobody got time for that lol

Melissa Mulungi

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