In a Twitter war still waging, local upcoming singer Laura Karungi a.k.a Ainebintu is being accused of stealing her friend Unapologetic Eve’s wig and making out with her man at her house.

The Ugandans On Twitter are enjoying the drama as two former besties Ainebintu and Evelyn Luganda a.k.a Unapologetic Eve literally grab each other by the neck in the “war of the wig”.

If you have watched Crysto Panda’s new visuals for his song Bino Byebiluma Abayaye, you must have seen two females wiggling what their mommas gave them.

These two also recently appeared in Bash Mutumba’s “Garden of Eden” boudoir shoot. They have been close friends for a while until Monday morning when Aine was dragged for stealing a wig.

One of Eve’s friends, Patra Patricia, tweeted ordering the singer to return the wig she stole from her roommate. As the streets of Twitter got their FBI instincts into play, it was realized that Aine is being accused of stealing Eve’s wig.

Aine immediately revealed how she has the receipts as evidence that she bought the wig in question. She also threatened to beat up Patra for defaming her.

Aine also alleged that she was being attacked because she made out with Eve’s man in front of her, in her house. That is when all hell broke loose as different tweeps joined the war including Eve.

That was followed with a series of tweets from both sides as each exposed the other’s dirty linen on the street that seems to be having a Monday to remember.

Ainebintu is a rising singer behind songs like Zzina, Tuzilye, Kyensaba and Kwata Wano. Self-style Queen Of Kidongo Eve is also not a stranger to the entertainment circles and works as a PR for Gong DJ Academy.

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