The thrilling war of the wig between upcoming singer Laura Karungi a.k.a Ainebintu and her friend Evelyn Luganda alias Unapologetic Eve seems to have come to an end after the former called for a ceasefire.

The war between the two came to a halt on Tuesday morning after Ainebintu decided to forgive her former friend Unapologetic Eve for accusing her of making off with her wig.

Through a series of tweets, Ainebintu swore that this is her last time to fight a fellow woman for such cheap reasons.

Evelyn Luganda a.k.a Unapologetic Eve (Photo by Bash Mutumba)

I swear hands down. That’s the last time I fight with a woman. Sad it had to end this way.


This comes after Ainebintu threatening to involve her lawyers in the battle. She, however, recalled how she amicably settled her sexual abuse saga and decided it was better to forgive and forget.

I’m really itching to go get my lawyers but I learnt after my sexual abuse that it’s better to forgive and forget as it frees the spirit. So I will keep pushing keep working and focus my resources on something better.


Ainebintu furthermore issued an apology to all her fans and followers who were disappointed with her reaction through the allegations. She went on to promise that next time she will make better friends.

I just want to take this time to apologize to those that believe in me and support getting into this mess. It was beyond me. I will make better friends next time. I hope you believe my little defense because that’s all I could do.


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