Problematic city socialite Charles Olim alias Sipapa has finally disclosed why he is always attacking, fighting and firing live bullets at the base of 2021 presidential hopeful Bobi Wine.

Following a teargas filled Tuesday on the streets of Kamwokya, Sipapa revealed that he ceased supporting Bobi Wine when he refused to position him in the post of governor of the Bank of Uganda in his coming government.

The controversial socialite opened up about his fall out with Bobi Wine while was explaining to the media why he was teargassed along Kamwokya road.

Earlier this year in February, Sipapa accused Bobi Wine of being ‘stingy’ explaining that it is the only reason as to why there was a mass exodus of musicians from his camp joining president Museveni.

During the fracas, Sipapa was again accused of firing live bullets at the Firebase camp whihc left one of their security guards hurt.

This evening, the fellow who drives this car came for the second time around NUP offices in Kamwokya, provoked the youth there, shot at our gate, and injured someone.

Police came to escort him and not to arrest him. Uganda Police is Sipapa one of your operatives, and is he above the law??

Joel Ssenyonyi

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