Sheila Salta Saltoft and Mirembe Martha (Photo by Mugabi Arts)

NBS TV presenter Sheila Saltofte a.k.a Salta continued to show what a down to earth and humble soul she is when she surprised a young fan, Martha Mirembe, at her birthday photoshoot.

When different TV stations started respective weekend night shows during lockdown, little did they know that those shows would go on to produce a big following from the viewers.

That is exactly what happened for several shows including the Katch Up show on NBS TV. One of the co-hosts of the show, Sheila Saltofte also used the opportunity to express her vast art of emceeing.

Consequently, she has built a large following which has also seen her numbers grow on different social media platforms especially Twitter where she now boasts 21.2k followers having joined in January 2020.

Part of the following she has garnered is Mirembe Martha – a young sister to one of the city photographers Don Mugabi of Mugabi Arts and the last born in the family.

Sheila Salta Saltoft and Mirembe Martha (Photo by Mugabi Arts)

Mugabi reveals that Martha is a staunch Christian whose favorite TV shows are from the Miracle channel. He was, however, shocked to learn that she loves Salta.

The only person she likes on TV that is not Christian is Salta. She enjoys watching her. She says she (Salta) is fun and she enjoys her.

DOn Mugabi

It is for the above reasons that Mugabi decided to ask the NBS TV presenter to spare some time off her busy schedule and make a surprise appearance on Martha’s 19th birthday shoot 15th September 2020.

Mugabi, who contacted Salta through Direct Message on Twitter, was surprised to see Salta at the photoshoot which he had organized for his sister.

She came through. Martha ran out of words just the same way I did. Martha stood still, she just couldn’t believe it. Whatever they told her, she kept on saying “thank you, thank you”.

Don Mugabi
Don Mugabi, Sheila Salta Saltoft and Mirembe Martha (Photo/Mugabi Arts)

Upon surprising her fan, Salta had a minute to settle down with Martha and in part of their talk, the media personality advised Martha to stay in school and to focus on her future.

It was a day Martha will forever remember throughout her life as she got to share it with one of the celebrities she highly adores. She referred to it as “the best birthday since she was born”.

The rest of the day was filled with all the good vibes as Martha, her family and close friends feasted themselves into her new age with a dinner at home, ice cream and some more photos.

We wish Martha a happy belated birthday and kudos to Salta for the gesture!

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