Priscilla Zawedde, popularly known as Azawi, is of the brilliant view that when the Ugandan music industry is properly well-shaped and organized, it can help boost the image and brand of our country.

Azawi gave her ideas as she was sharing how best the music industry can be improved to help young talents also thrive without hustling so hard as it is of late.

While premiering her latest brand new Low Fit visuals on Urban TV, Azawi stated how Uganda’s image and brand can be strengthened if at all the industry had more labels, professional and organized teams like the one in which she belongs – Swangz Avenue.

She furthermore explained that if the government had supported the music industry and set up proper structures like schools where talents could be natured and groomed, Uganda’s music industry could be amazing and very attractive.

She climaxed her opinion by calling upon the government to take the course in helping to develop talents across the country and later will witness the fruits from the different talents in Uganda.

As of late, the music industry doesn’t have like a structure. There just a few organisations that are there to bail out talent. I feel like we need more labels, more professional and organized teams to come out and help develop talents.

I think we still lack in that. You can see we only have Swangz Avenue is outstanding but we should have like 20 or 50 of those that will help the industry to grow.

Plus maybe, we should have schools that teach and develop talent because when you go to countries with developed music industries, they have structures like all artistes are represented. So I think we need a more organized system and that’s why I call in the government to come and help us.

Why I say this, Is because the music industry is capable of strengthening the brand and image of the country. So that is why I feel like we should have a more organized industry to develop more young talent.


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