Pia Pounds should be a big star by now but maybe she is just not ready for it yet – a statement made by several of the songstress’ critics. With her new EP Tupaate, should she be taken a little more serious than before?

Despite the fact that the Ugandan music industry is such a dynamic one, some artistes have just failed themselves. With the potential at their hands, consistency has been the issue that has dragged them along the way.

Pia Pounds is one of those. A beautiful and talented woman with; looks that could kill, vocals that draw attention and the star appeal that some top celebrities envy, she is still a brand in the making, a bit far back from where she should be by now.

Much criticism about Pia has been her love for the stardom superseding her ability and efforts towards achieving her goals as a singer in such a tricky industry. Her modeling career might also have hindered her growth as a musician.

In her defense, Pia hasn’t eaten off a silver plate. She has had to hustle hard to keep up with life and to create the brand. It’s quite difficult to juggle a formal job, school, performances, modeling and media interviews.

She has so far managed to multi-task and going by how far she has come it seems like she has made it but even herself knows, there’s so much more yet to achieve.

Perhaps that is the motivation she used to get back to studio and record some new vibes and come up with the Tupaate EP.

Last week, Pia invited close friends and associates in the entertainment industry to a party at Amare bar and restaurant as she launched her new EP dubbed Tupaate.

The EP has four songs; Tupaate, Wakikuba, Selection, and Good Good. All the songs deserve an independent ear to notice how Pia has evolved with her sound and lyricism.

Pia is already overwhelmed by the love that she has received from her fans and followers as per the new EP which shows that the market to consume her content is available.

In Tupaate, the song (produced by Kuseim), Pia does really sound maturer and more confident. She owns the song and you can feel that she took control unlike in her past songs where she sounded a bit unsure.

The visuals are also what we could refer to as “International standard” and she has never come short of good looks so that’s a plus. Can this be the project to propel her career ahead of her? Maybe.

There is a lot that is required to make a big song in this industry and besides the artiste’s hard work, promotion must be taken serious and we wonder if her management is up to the task.

Nonetheless, Pia seems to have shed the skin and she can capitalize on the changes to become a better artiste. She is young and that plays in her favor. We can’t wait to see and hear more of what is to come from her.

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Josh Ruby is an Editor with high interest and knowledge in the Ugandan entertainment space, an industry he has been actively part of since 2010. Leads to breaking stories are welcome!

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