For a very long time, there have been rumors suggesting how TNS songstress Sheebah Karungi and her manager Jeff Kiwa are an item relationship-wise.

Although there is no proof to confirm these endless allegations and following the fact that the singer has always denied the rumors, her fans have consistently continued to wonder who could be “harvesting” her.

Well, the answer to that question seems to have been officially replied to by the singer herself through her Facebook page after a fan questioned who could be chewing her.

The Nakyuka singer replied by revealing how she chews herself, a statement that could earn her a new title very soon in the entertainment industry.

I chew my self. #Selfservice


A few months back, Sheebah showed her playful side when she told a fan to join Etania Mutoni as yet another co-wife to Jeff Kiwa.

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  1. If you don’t have one am available my dear don’t chew yourself alone. And Mr or miss sheebah is not a lesbian. I bet you on that.

  2. Me no comment but thanks for gudmusic sheebah we all love you so much everywhere sheebah sheebah why gud music big up baby

    1. I don’t think this is a joke or a kind of silencing talkers. Most of the youth out there are confused with their relationship lives. So they end up losing everything and start a self contention and satisfaction method. Sheebah must be having a nasty love story of her life. Love for someone can’t be hidden and pretended. The jeff story may be true, but one sided. I think the is falling for her but she can’t react positively to the dude. Let’s pray for her.

  3. Sheebah is naturally talented and a good musician beyond extremes.
    She must have said that to silence the talkers who keep asking her for things that nolonger matter. Why are people bothered about her relationship!!!!!?

    Wamma all the best Sheebah, go on with your career, let talkers talk as you move on

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