Presidential envoy on Ghetto Affairs Mark Bugembe alias Bucha Man has denied the allegations that have been making rounds online that he beat up rapper Fred Giriya a.k.a Rocky Giant for calling himself the Ghetto President.

Basing on his explanations in an interview on NBS TV, Butcha Man narrated that he only intervened in Rocky Giant’s saga as a savior after he was beaten up by other ghetto youths from Katwe and ran to his base for rescue.

Butcha Man stressed that the “Paka Last” hit rapper’s woes started when he stormed different ghetto’s claiming to be the Ghetto President while bad-mouthing him.

However, the commanders and other youths from different ghettos didn’t want to know or listen to anything concerning Butcha Man citing that he had never done anything positive and developmental ever since he was appointed to the role by the Head of State.

Therefore out of anger, the ghetto youths from Katwe ganged up and beat him severely adding how he has on several occasions helped Rocky Giant when in need.

While in his defense he also revealed how the clip is now about four days old since he was beaten by the ghetto youths in Katwe.

On different several occasions, Rocky Giant has been narrating to me his needs and troubles that I have always sorted and bailed him out whenever I could though not on all occasions.

However, a few days ago when he went to the ghetto’s of Katwe, he found their commanders present and started narrating to them how he is the Ghetto president as well as bad-mouthing me.

While in act of calling himself the Ghetto president as well mentioning my name, the youths and commanders lost their cool and told him not to jazz them about me reasoning that has done nothing beneficial for them, and in the end result, he was beaten up.

After being him beaten up, he approached me saying that he has been beaten up by my ghetto youths but I told him I wasn’t the one who commanded them to do so thereafter he left and returned after two days.

On his return, he found my children outside and started insulting them plus wishing them death.

Bucha Man

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