Legendary Tai Crew boss Jjaja Mad Tiger a.k.a Mutoto Wafrica got emotional and shed tears while discussing what happened between Bucha Man and Rocky Giant.

Speaking in an interview, before the ‘Bunyuma Kiro’ singer broke down disclosed how Rocky Giant, born Fred Gayira, is a full general in the dancehall army.

He went on to reveal how Bucha Man’s act of humiliating and dissing Rocky Giant wasn’t professional. Tears started rolling down Mad Tiger’s cheeks as he expressed how bad he felt about Bucha Man’s act.

Thereafter, Mad Tiger slammed Butcha Man and cautioned him to stop bragging because whatever he is currently doing has been done by other people many years ago.

Rocky Giant in the dancehall army is a full general. You can’t diss a general. You’re just there telling the world that you’re a Rasta man from the ghetto. What is ghetto?

Whatever you are doing you the self-styled grand children (Bazuukulu) we did that long time ago. You talk about Menton Summer, we puffed weed way long ago before you even got to know about weed.

Man, I feel bad inside me about what happened to Rocky Giant if it is true that Bucha Man beat him up yet he even sometime back also poured his neighbors food.

Mad Tiger

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