Chagga explains why Sama Sojah is a bigger brand abroad than locally

Sama Sojah, real name Kizito Ivan Tony, is a bigger brand in the diaspora than in his home country, something which his manager Chagga Geoffrey attributes to the locals trying to sabotage his shine.

Breaking onto the active music scene just around the same time that Mowzey Radio left the face of the earth has made it hard for Sama Sojah to establish a reputable brand especially due to the fact that he so much sounds like the late Goodlyf singer.

Sama Sojah (25), signed to Red Zone Music, is the beautiful voice and brains behind songs like Nyonyi Nyange, Akaama, Akadde, Esuubi, among others.

During an interview with Andrew Luzze Anderson, Chagga revealed that Sama Sojah’s music is more popular amongst Ugandans living in the diaspora than those back home.

“Sama Sojah is bigger abroad than in Uganda. My partners of Red Zone market him in the diaspora and people in the diaspora appreciate good music,” Chagga revealed.

He further noted that promoting Sama Sojah’s music in Uganda is quite difficult because several people have ganged up against his music style with allegations that he is replicating the late Radio’s music files.

Promoting Sama Sojah in Uganda has faced a sabotage with different people alleging that he is stealing music from Mowzey Radio’s files.


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