Producer David Ebangit Washington believes that the local music industry is full of pretenders who adamantly refuse to acknowledge good music made by the local artistes.

If you wanted an opinion regarding the Ugandan music industry, producer Washington would be one of the people you would approach for a clear reference on the state of music in the country and East Africa as a region.

While on NXT Radio, the Producer, Singer and Songwriter expressed his dissatisfaction with the Ugandan music industry and fan base which he says is full of people who look down on artistes.

Washington was talking about his experience working for Radio and Weasel and what he thinks about the duo’s song ‘Breath Away’ which he produced. In his own words, the song was a big hit.

He, however, noted that it didn’t receive the appreciation and praise that it should have because many people in the industry refuse to give credits because of their own bad minds.

Our industry are people who are pretenders. Even the fans. They know the truth. They know how good something is but they refuse to acknowledge. Breath Away was a nice banger.


He is not the first artiste to make these remarks. Just a few days ago, former Goodlyf manager Chagga Geoffrey made similar statements while explaining why Sama Sojah’s music is bigger abroad than locally.

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