A fan challenged Nubian Li to show off his house just like the other top associates in the People Power/National Unity Platform struggle and his answer will amaze you.

On Saturday, Firebase singer and Bobi Wine’s right hand man Bukenya Ali a.k.a Nubian Li in his daily endeavors towards “the struggle” shared his thought about “Civil Disobedience” on Facebook.

In the comment section, most of his followers and fans sided with him as expected but a few others questioned his loyalty and how much he has benefited from backing Bobi Wine.

One Facebook user identified as Indivisible Jameson challenged Nubian Li to show his house or leave the struggle if he has none.

“We want to see your house Nubian Lee. If it’s not there better leave the struggle papa,” taunted Indivisible Jameson.

In his reply, Nubian Li revealed that he has been living under his own roof, not having to pay rent to any landlord, for the last twelve years. He also noted that dis[laying his wealth does not contribute to the struuggle.

I have not been anybody’s tenant since 2008 and won’t go on a display of what I have because it doesn’t contribute in anyway to the struggle!

Nubian Li

Nubian Li has been Bobi’s associate for several years and both have massive respect for each other. It is humbling to know that he prefers to keep his wealth and achievements away from the public.

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