Fast-rising singer Buka Chimey has accused NTV TNation presenter Crysto Panda of issuing payments to different media outlets so that they do not get to play his “Biluma Abayaye” song.

Buka Chimey put Crysto Panda on the spot during an interview on NBS TV UnCut show just moments after he had finished recording the song’s remix with Angella Katatumba.

He explained how he was first the artist to compose a song out of the slogan which Crysto Panda also hopped on to later on and dropped a banger out of the slang.

Buka Chimey says that he was shocked to learn that Crysto Panda paid different DJs and media outlets to suffocate his song by not playing it as his own received massive rotation.

As we wait for the remix, Katatumba and Buka Chimey assured their music fans of how the remix is going to be irresistible and an inevitable defeat for Crysto Panda.

I was the first artist to release the project ‘Biluma Abayaye’ then another guy hopped on the same word and dropped a similar version. On top of that, he went ahead and paid different media outlets to stop playing my original version.

So this remix with Angella Katatumba is irresistible and inevitable defeat.

Buka Chimey

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