Forever upcoming Gagamel International Crew singer Allan Hendrick Ssali a.k.a Paper Daddy has vehemently clapped back at music critic Edward Sendi saying he is malnourished and needs a home rehab so that he can speak positively towards artistes.

The “Romeo and Juliet” singer bitterly stung Dembe FM Talk N Talk show presenter as he was responding to the music critics troll that he should switch from music to a fishmonger since he is wasting a lot of time in studio doing a lot of rubbish he calls music.

While speaking to Spark TV’s Live Wire show, Edward Sendi’s provocative statements triggered Paper Daddy to fire back in the same currency noting how Sendi has no audacity to tell him to quit music.

From that point, Paper Daddy also requested Sendi’s family to set him a simple rehab center at home and feed him well on fluids and fruits so that he doesn’t look malnourished all in efforts to make him have a positive mind and always speak positively.

I really personally don’t know who Eddie Sendi is but I just only see him on social media in scandals. I even don’t know where he got the audacity to tell me to quit music.

You know, people like Eddie Sendi discourage people instead of encouraging people to move ahead with their carriers. I think basing on his age, he would be someone to give advise musically and be positive rather than being negative.

I was happy with his advice that I re-brand from Paper Daddy to Fish Daddy but it was too provocative. However, I think there two factors in play that seem to be disturbing Eddie Sendi that I can talk about.

Basing on my assement, I believe Sendi needs a little bit of a home rehab and not the other one of the hosiptal. And also according to his looks, he seems malnourished. You Know, malnourishment in the long run it affects the brain that is why you always find him saying things he doesn’t clearly understand.

I think he totally needs a home rehab and he takes plenty of fluids like juice, water, and friuts so that he can have a positive mind. Yeah, that is the only advise I can give him for now.

Paper Daddy

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