Gospel singer Grace Nakimera says that whoever thinks they have money but without Jesus is naked.

The former secular singer who used to give secular artists a run for their money during her glory days on the local entertainment scene slammed those who think that money is everything in life.

You may have money, but if you don’t have Jesus you are naked.

Grace Nakimera

She went on to reveal that she used to feel a lot of pain which she likened to fighting a monster she couldn’t see on a daily basis for a full year.

My pain was like fighting a monster that you can’t see. I was in so much pain every day for a whole year.

Grace Nakimera

She went on to spread the word of Jesus that in Christianity, to be forgiven, one must first forgive because it’s the only way she learnt how to forgive her enemies.

In Christianity, to be forgiven, you must forgive. I had to learn how to forgive my enemies.

Grace Nakimera

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