Former Spark TV Koona presenter-cum-politician Miles Rwamiti has strongly criticized Rema Namakula for always overshadowing her clients’ ceremonies.

The 2021 Hoima MP aspirant nailed Rema Namakula after a wedding ceremony that they both attended in Masaka over the weekend.

According Rwamiti, Rema arrived at the event early enough but the bride had to wait for too long for Rema to appear before the waiting guests because she spent too long applying make up in her car.

Rwamiti went on to note that it wasn’t the first time for Rema to do such a thing and it is now a habit of always wanting to overshadow her clients’ ceremonies.

Rwamiti feels that Rema’s clients are embarrassed by her ways and urges her to change if she wants to remain a darling in the business of performing at wedding and other martial ceremonies.

He also added that she should learn to respect deals with her clients because she charges too much money for her services.

Rema has a habit of always wanting to steal the show at ceremonies she is always hired to perform. She usually arrives early but spends most of her time in her car making up resulting into the bride to always wait for her to finish with what she does.

She needs to stop such habits of overshadowing her clients ceremonies.

Rwamiti Miles

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